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Bylaws & Policies

Periodically reviews the Board’s Bylaws to ensure Board policy is consistent with current concepts of organizational structure. Recommends amendments for the purpose of clarification and/or consistency with the Rhode Island Association of REALTORS® and National Association of REALTORS® Bylaws.

Community Action

This committee participates in community service partnerships to enhance the REALTOR® image and give back to the communities we serve, including charitable fundraising. It shall encourage NRIBR members to participate in community service activities and shall strive to collaboratively achieve community action goals outlined in the Board’s Strategic Plan.

Professional Development

Assists in assessing the professional development needs of members. Recommends, participates and promotes the professional development courses/programs sponsored by the NRIBR. Assists in the development of courses and support material, if appropriate. Strives to collaboratively achieve professional development goals outlined in the Board’s Strategic Plan.


Conducts preliminary review and screening of Ethics complaints and Arbitration requests by acting as a “Grand Jury.” Mandatory attendance required at annual training sessions. Serves as member development for future volunteer opportunities on our Professional Standards Committee. Members of this committee must be REALTORS® in good standing, must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience, must be knowledgeable regarding the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and have completed their triennial training. Limited spots available and training is a must for serving.


Makes recommendations, monitors local town meetings (zoning, planning, City Council which impact on real estate issues, and provides feedback on the State sponsored legislation. Mobilizes support for critical issues affecting the real estate industry and private property rights and encourages all members to V (Vote), A (Act), and I (Invest), including REALTOR® Call to Actions. Assists in fundraising efforts to raise RPAC contributions. Strives to collaboratively achieve Vote, Act and Invest goals outlined in the Board’s Strategic Plan.


Recommends, plans and conducts events for members for the purposes of recognition, motivation and networking. Recommends criteria revisions for Diamond Sales Awards, reviews annual applications, engages in fundraising and strives to collaboratively achieve programming goals outlined in the Board’s Strategic Plan.


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If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Maria Glanvill at mglanvill@nrirealtors.org