The Northern Rhode Island Board of REALTORS® Scholarship filing deadline was 3/31/23.  All applicants have been notified.  The 2024 scholarship application will be available here by 1/1/24.

Thank you to our members and friends for their help in support of this annual program.  Since 1980, the Board has distributed a scholarship to high-performing High School Seniors (or those with one year remaining of college) in the Northern RI area to assist them in their quest for higher education.

2023 Scholarships Awarded 4/20/2023:  $1,000 each to Senior Abigail Dumont at Woonsocket High School and Joelle Modeur of Cumberland High School.

2022 Scholarships Awarded 4/14/2022:  $1,000 each to Seniors Rachel Walmsley and Connor Enestvedt of Cumberland High School.

2021 Scholarships Awarded 5/1/2021: $1,000 each to Seniors Jonathan Bergin of Burrillville High School and Aliayah Reynolds of Woonsocket High School.

2020 Scholarships Awarded 6/11/2020:  $1,000 each to Seniors Bahjat Khoury of Cumberland High School and Karan Shah of Lincoln High School.

2019 Scholarships Awarded 4/18/2019:
  $1,000 each to Seniors Vanessa Sanchez and Amara D’Antuono.

2018 Scholarships Awarded 4/19/2018:  $1,000 each to Seniors Micayla Bourski and Griffin Lamoureux.

2017 Scholarships Awarded 4/20/2017:  $1,000 each to Seniors Kailey Brodeur and Matthew Mardo.

2016 Scholarships Awarded 5/19/2016:  $1,000 scholarship each to Seniors Vivian Tian and Erick Schlicht.

2015 Scholarships Awarded 5/21/2015:  $1,000 each to Seniors Jonathan Blanchette and Noelle Sweder.

2014 Scholarships Awarded 5/20/2014:  $1,000 each to Seniors Kerry Connolly and Ben Garneau.