New Designated REALTOR®

If you are joining the Northern Rhode Island Board of REALTORS® as a NEW Designated REALTOR® (Principal Broker or Principal Appraiser), please complete and attach this Board Certification Form with your membership application.

Existing Designated REALTORS®

Existing Designated REALTORS® (Principal Brokers or Principal Appraisers) must complete, annually in March in accordance with our Bylaws (Article VI, Section 12A), as a membership obligation, the Board Certification Form available in the member portal.  Once in the portal, click on “update office profile” in the gray text box to make any changes to your company details.  Then click on “manage agents” in the gray text box to review the list of Active agents as reflected in our database.  There you will also be able to access the online Board Certification Form.  Complete it and submit it while you are in the member portal.  Once successfully submitted, you will receive an on-screen confirmation of receipt.  Can’t find your login to the NRIBR member portal?  Use the look-up tool

Frequently Asked Questions

posted 2/23/23

  1. Why do I have to complete a Board Certification Form?
    Per the Board’s Bylaws, it is a requirement of membership that each Designated REALTOR® (which is the Principal Broker or Principal Appraiser) of an office file this form with us annually.

  1. How can I access the form?
    Login to the NRIBR member portal and it is available next to the name of your firm and “manage agents”.

  1. When is this form due?


  1. What happens if I do not return this form?

Per Article VI, Section 12 (a) of the Board Bylaws, you will be in violation of your membership requirements and are subject to a $250 fine, which will be due and payable to the Board within ten (10) days.  You are also subject to suspension of membership for failing to meet the requirements of membership.

  1. 5. How do I log into the member portal on
    Click on the “member login” photo on the home page. Enter your confidential username and password.  If you can’t find your username, you can click here to look it up and then ask for your password to be emailed to you.

  1. I’ve had no changes to my office roster since I filed this form last year. Do I still have to complete it?

Yes.  Select Option A.


  1. I have part-timers and licensed assistants affiliated with me. Do I have to list them on the form?

Yes.  All licensees (including appraisers, real estate sales and real estate brokers) that are affiliated with you need to be listed on this form regardless of their specialty and work status.

  1. I am a new Designated REALTOR®/Principal and at the time I joined, I completed a Board Certification Form. Do I need to do another one?
    The Board’s Bylaws require one form on file for each year.   If you have already filed one between 1/1/2023-3/1/2023, then you are in compliance.

    9.  What is a LFRO?
    If the Designated REALTOR® has a direct or indirect ownership in a firm, which is engaged exclusively in soliciting and/or referring clients and customers to a REALTOR® firm on a substantially exclusive basis, then the Designated REALTOR®/Principal is also required to disclose this to us on an annual basis.  All licensees affiliated with a LFRO must be listed.


  1. I am a Principal/Appraiser – not a Broker. Do I still need to complete the Board Certification Form?
    Yes.  The term REALTOR® isn’t a synonym for real estate broker or real estate salesperson. A REALTOR®, simply put, is an individual who has voluntarily sought membership in the REALTOR® Association and abides by the Code of Ethics of the NAR. A REALTOR® is someone who is licensed (i.e. salesperson, broker, appraiser, auctioneer, property manager).   Here at NRIBR, we are sensitive to the fact that you are licensed as an Appraiser and make every possible attempt to address you as such in our correspondence with you.

Questions?  Please call 401-333-6343, ext. 10.